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July 22nd, 2007 by Caite

Cream Tea, Canons Ashby

Now, I’m not one to hold a grudge … oh no, tell a lie, actually I’m quick to offend and slow to forgive, so beware.

I was already in a mild temper on entering the tearoom at Canons Ashby on account of the rubbishness of the house and the information and the signposts etc etc. Then the service was really slow despite the queue not being long. I would probably have given up and sodded off elsewhere, but I had a duty to perform, I couldn’t write a tea review if I didn’t eat the tea could I? So on I ploughed. I tried to be generous, kind-hearted and fair to Canons Ashby tearooms, but they didn’t make it easy for me.

I picked up a cream/jam portion from the fridge. On the same dish, the jam was unidentified. Inspection revealed it to be reddish in tone and in the later taste test if proved to be raspberry, so it did the job, but would it kill you to alert me to what I’m buying before I stump up the cash?

The cream was regular whipped and just about the right amount, the jam portion was a little on the stingy side.

As I picked up the scone, doubts were forming in my head. What is this brownish tinge I wondered? On getting it to my table my worst fears were realised. In an unprecedented and quite unwelcome move, the scones Canons Ashby were serving up were plain – and get this – WHOLEMEAL!!!

Let’s go off on a wholemeal tangent shall we? Wholemeal. I’m not saying the wholemeal scone should not exist at all. It can kind of work if it’s a savoury cheesy scone. And I suppose there is a sector of the population that may enjoy this kind of sacrilege in the vegetarian health-food stores of inner-cities. I may even be prepared to concede that the wholemeal scone is a valid option if one is given a range of scones to choose from. But as the default scone this is wrong wrong wrong. If you think I need some extra fibre, why not try just sticking the goddamned raisins in? If I’m on some kind of health-food kick I’m not going to be pigging the cream tea in the first place am I?

This wholemeal scone didn’t even taste like scone. It gave off an odd powdery sensation and tasted more like bread roll than scone. Bleaurgh.

However, in the spirit of fairness, I have to concede that the tea was served in an attractive pot, nice and big, yielding 3 full cups. Milk was fresh and in a big jug. The tearoom also had a very pretty garden area and was a very pleasant place to sit and enjoy your tea. So not all bad, but they’d have to pay me to gnaw through one of their so-called scones again.


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